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Although computers and IT have found a place in everyone’s lives today, this does not mean that everyone knows how to set up network devices or back up data, or about server services or data entry. The field of computers and IT also includes various e-services, website creation and management, computer courses, etc.

  • Software setup, repair and maintenance
  • Hardware setup, repair and maintenance
  • Data backup
  • Computer dusting
  • Configuring network devices
  • IT consulting
  • Data entry
  • Server services and web hosting
  • Website creation
  • Website management
  • E-services
  • Computer courses
  • Other

Data here, data there, data everywhere. That is how the old Estonian saying goes.


Data entry is the process of placing data on a machine-readable medium in data processing. It can also mean moving data from one program to another. Most people probably agree that this sounds like the most boring job in the world. However, this is an important task in today’s IT society. And the Taskers for it are also available.


Backing up your data simply means making copies of your existing data so that you can restore it later if necessary. Data backup is recommended for those who work with important documents or for people who simply want to secure their photos and videos. There are several ways to back up your data. They can be saved to a cloud, external hard drive, memory stick, etc.


If you are probably looking into server services and web hosting you probably have a lot of electronic documents that you want to keep in a safe place or you want to have a place for your website or online store. And since we are on the topic of websites, creating and managing one is child’s play for some. If you are not one of those people, then you might need a little help setting up, designing and managing your website. There are hundreds of ways to create a website. But in order for it to reach the right audience and fulfil its purpose, it needs to be done in a way that is both smart and modern.


Prices for IT support and computer work range from 20-75 €/h.

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