Who are the people behind Handies? Next up is Ainar Apse, who joined the team last year on a very magical date,  October 10th. Ainar works as a Project Manager. In his role, he takes care of the planning and implementation of complex in-app projects. Read how Ainar found his way to Handies and what happened with Andres.

Why did you choose to work at Handies?

I joined Handies to be in the back room of app development. To be part of keeping it alive and growing. I wanted to focus my energy where it would be valued and actually make a difference in the way we take care of everyday tasks. Handies’ business model is based on sharing economy. In Estonia, the most popular sharing apps include car sharing (Bolt, Uber), home accommodation (Airbnb) and food delivery (Wolt, Bolt). I believe dealing with household problems is moving in the same direction and it’s fun to be on that journey.

How would you describe the work culture at Handies?

Handies’ work culture is friendly, supportive and honest. No decision is based on a gut feeling, instead they are analyzed and tested. The biggest difference is the team’s ability to think ahead – it doesn’t matter where we are today. The focus is on the future and what we will have achieved in a week, a month or a year.

One of the most absurd situations in Handies has to be the story of Andres and Andres. We have two very active Taskers on the platform, both are named Andres. One day when we were discussing upcoming projects we agreed not to burden one Andres with additional work at the moment, and that we’ll offer the new tasks to the other Andres instead. As we didn’t specify which Andres we were talking about we ended up offering the new tasks to either of them. Andres and Andres of course completed all the tasks, but the process of figuring out which Andres ended up doing which task was a task on its own.

Handies Projektijuht Ainar