As always, it all started from a

Duuabl is an Estonian based task sharing platform that brings qualified specialists to your fingertips.

Our story

The story of Duuabl began from problem when Aare Sule realized how much time and effort goes into finding a good handyman. It seemd like the industry was built on long waiting times, high prices, poor customer experience and underpaid professionals.

Together with Kaspar Treibstock began an exciting journey to change the system. On the one side, the aim of Duuabl app was to get help for easier jobs around the house while at the same time valuing the skills and the time of the specialists doing the jobs.

We are built around the Tasker

The first Duuabl Taskers were recruited directly from construction sites. However, it all escalated and now over 3000 specialists have joined with Duuabl, from plumbers and electricians to repairmen were providing their services across the country.

Our mission is to create a „dream workplace“, where social security meets flexible lifestyle and fair wages.

Duuabl Tasker Randar, who has successfully executed over 100 tasks.

Duuabl in numbers

2000+ Taskers     10 000+ users     15 min to solution      100+ task types

Help is just one click away

When there is no time

About 5% or 72 minutes of our day is spent on housework. It’s more than 400 hours a year!

When missing the skill set

Construction companies usually prefer bigger projects and thus signing up for smaller tasks like single room renovation or putting up a shelf are left at the end of the queue. Social media has proven to be useful in these cases, but it’s a bit of a gamble as you never know if you end up with a specialist or with a muddler.

When you can’t  be bothered

Finding the inner will to tidy up your home is sometimes near impossible. Every other activity seems more pleasant and more urgent.