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Construction and renovation

Construction and renovation includes work on anything from the foundation to the roof, from the garden to the street and from demolition to interior finishes. Whether you are planning to build a home from scratch or renovate an existing one, on this page you will find the Taskers for excavation work, general construction or installation of windows and doors. Want asphalt roads and beautiful paving for your new home? Road construction and installation of paving stones are child’s play for our Taskers!

Seasonal work

Both apartment and house owners need to do year-round work indoors and outdoors. However, with the fast pace of modern life, it is impossible to do everything yourself. And sometimes it is just good to be able get help from someone faster or more skilled.

Cleaning services

Cleaning can be very therapeutic. There are people who really enjoy cleaning windows, spring cleaning and post-construction cleaning. There are also people for whom cleaning is a real headache. If you are one of these people, Handies has the solution for you. If you need help with indoor cleaning, outdoor cleaning, pre- or post-moving cleaning, you can find the person(s) for this job. Sometimes, larger and more complex objects than offices and apartments need cleaning, so we have also added Taskers for facade washing, pressure washing, soda blasting and high-rise work to this page.

Electrical work

Wires, distribution boards, plugs, relays and switches. If these terms are unfamiliar to you, or if you only know that a light can be turned on by a switch and that wires are the worms along which electricity travels, then it would be wise to find someone who knows about electrical work. The installation of electrical wiring, low-voltage work, the design of high-voltage and low-voltage systems, or the calculation of energy labels are certainly jobs that should not be done with the help of YouTube videos. Even smaller electrical tasks such as installing lighting, sockets and switches are safer to have done by an expert.

Plumbing work

This category includes all work that has to do with pipes, water or heating systems. Or with bathroom furniture. Here you can find the Taskers for simple plumbing work, dealing with plumbing accidents and installing toilet bowls, sinks and faucets. But that’s not all! If you are building a house and need someone competent, for example to renovate heating systems, install a heating unit or design water and sewerage systems, you will also find help here.

Repair and maintenance of motor vehicles

Repairing a car is not something everyone can handle themselves. And finding a reasonably priced repair shop can be a headache. To make things easy for you, we have put together all the Taskers involved in the repair and maintenance of motor vehicles in one place. Whether you need a technical inspection, a tire change, diagnostics, body work or just the interior or exterior cleaning of a motor vehicle, you can find a Tasker here!

Skilled trades

Who hasn’t thought of making a big change and becoming a specialist such as a potter, a locksmith or a beekeeper? Or maybe a chimney sweep or an arborist? But how many have actually done it? Probably not you, but the Taskers you can find in this category have!

Home appliances

Household appliances, like all regularly used appliances and machines, wear out, break down, need maintenance and, in the worst case scenario, need to be replaced. Transporting and installing larger household appliances on your own can be overwhelming for the average person and not everyone has the knowledge to repair washing machines, ovens or refrigerators. If you are looking into installing, repairing or maintaining household appliances, you can find a solution here.


Furniture surrounds us everywhere – at home, in the office, at grandma's place. Sometimes it is necessary to choose or order new furniture for the home, and sometimes it is necessary to transport or assemble it. Without the right tools and skills, this can be fairly difficult. Whether the task is assembling and installing (kitchen) furniture, producing custom-made furniture, renovating furniture, updating or constructing furniture – you will find a competent person for it here.


Transport includes any movement of goods or people, no matter how large or small. Vehicle and trailer rental, moving services, freight transport, towing services, logistics solutions – you name it, we got it! If you are tired of Wolting and Bolting, you can also find grocery and food delivery here. And if you partied too hard last night and your house is now unrecognisable, we also offer waste removal services!

Training and consulting

Lifelong learning is in in the 21st century! The world is evolving rapidly and to keep pace with it, we need to constantly improve ourselves. If you have no time to study, it is possible to find a specialist who can provide advice and support. Whether it is language learning, financial advice, legal aid or mentoring you need help with, Handies are there for you.

Beauty and well-being

Sometimes you may need a massage or to visit a beautician, other times you may need a personal trainer to whip you into shape or a psychologist to talk to. Or you may find your responsibilities overwhelming you and need the help of a personal assistant. The beauty and well-being category offers solutions for such times.

Events and entertainment

Planning and thorough organisation of events are essential for their success. A good planner, organiser and team will help you find a suitable party venue, choose and organise entertainment, catering and if necessary, an evening host, photographer and other things. This is where the Handies’ events and entertainment category comes in handy. You can assemble a team for event planning, wedding organisation, catering services, evening hosting and more from the Taskers on this page.

Computers and IT

Although computers and IT have found a place in everyone's lives today, this does not mean that everyone knows how to set up network devices or back up data, or about server services or data entry. The field of computers and IT also includes various e-services, website creation and management, computer courses, etc.

Marketing and sales

You need marketing if you want or need to advertise and sell your products or services. For successful marketing, you should start with creating a brand and then a strategic marketing plan. Nowadays, you can’t get by without digital marketing too. Here, a skilled content creator and smart copywriting can help. If the brand and products are good and well-known, but sales are not progressing, public relations can help solve the problem.

Crafts and design

The category of crafts and design is quite wide, offering solutions in the form of a personal fashion designer and sewing service, crochet and knitting services, as well as various computer-based design services such as graphic design, web design, product design, etc. If you want a perfectly fitted coat, socks that feel as if they were made by your grandmother or an online store to sell your own handicrafts, you can find a solution here.

Photo and video

Works in the category of photography and video include both photography and image processing as well as videography and video processing. In this category you will find Taskers for capturing important events, taking portraits or for capturing a work collective.

Special projects and works

Special projects and works include repair and construction works that require thorough planning and design and cover, for example, an entire room, a building or part of a building – from sanitary repairs and insulation works to the renovation of an apartment or private house.

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