Kitchen furniture installation and transport have never been this easy. Find a helper from the Handies app.

Furniture surrounds us everywhere – at home, in the office, at grandma’s place. Sometimes it is necessary to choose or order new furniture for the home, and sometimes it is necessary to transport or assemble it. Without the right tools and skills, this can be fairly difficult. Whether the task is assembling and installing (kitchen) furniture, producing custom-made furniture, renovating furniture, updating or constructing furniture – you will find a competent person for it here.

  • Furniture assembly and installation
  • Furniture transport
  • Manufacture of custom-made furniture
  • Refurbishing furniture
  • Furniture restoration
  • Furniture construction
  • Design and construction of kitchen furniture
  • Assembly and installation of kitchen furniture
  • Proper disposal of old furniture
  • Other

You could say that furniture is the most important part of a home. Without it, a house or apartment is just an empty box with four walls. Just as with first meetings, where the handshake and eye-contact give an idea of the person, so does the furniture of a place. It gives an idea of the nature and views of the homeowners. There are those who prefer old, so-called soulful furniture and there are people who want completely new, maybe even custom-made, things for their home.


If you are one of those people who loves antique and otherwise old furniture, then you know that sometimes you need someone to refurbish or restore it. Although it is quite popular today to go to school and study furniture restoration when the need arises, there are still those who do not. In that case it is good to find a competent furniture restorer for help.


Fans of new and fresh furniture can comb through all kinds of furniture stores. However, home decorators with more demanding tastes may have trouble there. In this case, the furniture can be custom-made. Be it for your living room, kids’ room or kitchen – you can even fill an entire house with custom-made furniture!


The toolbox of Taskers working with furniture is versatile. Every self-respecting furniture designer, restorer, manufacturer and assembler has everything from a hand saw and cordless drill to a grinder and angle grinder, not to mention finishing materials. A sufficiently large vehicle is also required for transport.


The price of furniture installation is between 31-64 euros. The price of larger works depends on the volume of work and is set during the project.

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