Construction and renovation

From foundation to shingles. Order a builder from Handies.

Construction and renovation includes work on anything from the foundation to the roof, from the garden to the street and from demolition to interior finishes. Whether you are planning to build a home from scratch or renovate an existing one, on this page you will find the Taskers for excavation work, general construction or installation of windows and doors. Want asphalt roads and beautiful paving for your new home? Road construction and installation of paving stones are child’s play for our Taskers!

  • Foundation work
  • Façade work
  • Installation of windows and doors
  • General construction
  • Demolition work
  • Excavation work
  • Installation of pavings
  • Road construction
  • Auxiliary construction work
  • Concrete work
  • Roof work
  • Interior finishing
  • Construction of auxiliary buildings
  • Terrace construction & maintenance
  • Construction, installation and maintenance of gardens and gates
  • Rental, repair and maintenance of tools
  • Construction and maintenance of stairs
  • Welding work

Pre-renovation demolition work can seem like a good activity for stress relief. If finding and buying the perfect apartment has been an emotional rollercoaster and the renovation promises to be the same, a decent demolition might seem like a calming activity. Unfortunately, that might not be the case. When doing demolition work yourself, there is a risk of the already stressful renovation work becoming even more stressful. That is why it is worth hiring demolition workers who know their job and do everything from demolition to litter disposal.


When the demolition work has long been done and major construction works have also been finished, it is time for interior finishes. Once the interior planning is done and wallpapers, colours, lamps, tiles and parquets have been selected, it is time to put everything in place. The braver and more skilful people among us will do it themselves. At least the first time. The second time they leave it to the professionals. Work smarter – do not try to do everything yourself, and keep in mind that hiring an expert is often cheaper than doing it yourself. Besides, if an expert makes a mistake, you will have someone else to blame!


Let’s be honest, decent tools cost a lot. And if you are not a builder or a blacksmith, you will not need them every day. Only on specific occasions. Like when you need to polish something at home, assemble furniture or you want to try your hand at spray painting. In order to avoid draining your budget and then being stuck with an expensive tool that you only use once or twice, it is wise to rent tools. However, if you are already a tool owner, you probably know that sometimes your tools break or need repairing. Of course, in this case, you can use the services of official agencies, which will cost you an arm and a leg for the simplest work. But often times the services of a skilled man (or woman) are closer by and will not cost you as much.


The average price range for repairs is 66-200 euros.
The prices for smaller construction works range from 86-642 euros.
Handies project managers help organise and price larger special works and projects.

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