Moving and waste disposal have never been this easy. Just let Handies take care of it.

Transport includes any movement of goods or people, no matter how large or small. Vehicle and trailer rental, moving services, freight transport, towing services, logistics solutions – you name it, we got it! If you are tired of Wolting and Bolting, you can also find grocery and food delivery here. And if you partied too hard last night and your house is now unrecognisable, we also offer waste removal services!

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  • Moving service
  • Courier service
  • Freight transport
  • Food delivery
  • International transport
  • Logistics solutions
  • Waste disposal
  • Towing service
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  • Assistant for lifting and carrying things
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Many people know how annoying moving can be. Constantly packing things up, putting them in the car, moving them into the new place and unpacking. For some, this is even a hobby. They may move at least once a year. If your friend is one of those people and you are tired of constantly helping them move things around, send the moving fan to us. Handies will find them a vehicle, a trailer and, if necessary, a complete removal service.


Every moving fan will one day find their forever home. Of course, small renovations will be required before moving in. Waste from renovations does not generally fit in a normal rubbish bin. And even if it fits, it’s not really nice to put them in there. In this case, it is wise to order a waste removal service. Why? All you will have to do is collect the garbage and pay for the service. No need to sort, load, unload.


In the worst case, a waste removal service may be needed when you have a car accident and can no longer travel. Hopefully, this will not be the case. Try to drive safely. However, there may be times when your car simply stops cooperating, like running out of fuel unexpectedly or having some engine issue, and stops (hopefully not quite) in the middle of the road. If your friend is not picking up their phone, a tow truck will most likely be your best option for getting home. You can find the number of the nearest service provider under towing services!


The means for transporting goods of various sizes and weights include all forms of transport, from scooters, bicycles and cars to vans and lorries. In special cases you might need, for example, a tow truck or a garbage truck.


Moving services also use special braces to move larger and heavier things.


The price range for transport services is 22-69 euros.

The prices of transport services that require special arrangements depend on the volume of work. Handies’ project managers will help you in this case.

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