Electrical work

From the installation of wiring to the design of electrical systems. Order an electrician from Handies.

Wires, distribution boards, plugs, relays and switches. If these terms are unfamiliar to you, or if you only know that a light can be turned on by a switch and that wires are the worms along which electricity travels, then it would be wise to find someone who knows about electrical work. The installation of electrical wiring, low-voltage work, the design of high-voltage and low-voltage systems, or the calculation of energy labels are certainly jobs that should not be done with the help of YouTube videos. Even smaller electrical tasks such as installing lighting, sockets and switches are safer to have done by an expert.

Smaller electrical work
  • Installing and replacing lighting
  • Installing and replacing sockets
  • Installing and replacing switches
  • Installation of electrical wiring
  • Low-voltage work
  • Installation of distribution boards
  • Designing of high- and low-voltage systems
  • Calculation of energy performance certificates
  • Designing of external networks
  • Other

Sometimes simply changing or adding lighting is enough to freshen up a home. This may seem like a fairly simple job, but it actually requires a bit of electrical knowledge in addition to nimble fingers. Though the replacement of existing lighting is a fairly quick job, the installation of a new lighting system requires new wires, a new switch, etc.


Low-voltage work, such as the cabling and installation of a communications and computer network, or the cabling or installation of security equipment and alarms, is also the domain of electricians. If you want the wires to be in good shape after the repairs and all the equipment to work as it should, order work from our certified Taskers!


The range of tools of electricians and other electrical professionals is impressive. They include ordinary screwdrivers, pliers and various drills, all kinds of measuring and testing tools such as multi-meters, ammeters, voltage testers, and tools for cutting and connecting cables.


The average price range for electrical work is 40-70 euros.

A Handies project manager will help you organise and carry out major electrical work that requires specialisation. The price for work like this depends on the volume.

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