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Let a Handies technician install your home appliance. Let an expert take care of the transport, installation, maintenance and repair of appliances.

Household appliances, like all regularly used appliances and machines, wear out, break down, need maintenance and, in the worst case scenario, need to be replaced. Transporting and installing larger household appliances on your own can be overwhelming for the average person and not everyone has the knowledge to repair washing machines, ovens or refrigerators. If you are looking into installing, repairing or maintaining household appliances, you can find a solution here.

  • Installation of household appliances
  • Repair and maintenance of household appliances
  • Installation and setting up of household technology
  • Repair and maintenance of household technology
  • Appliance installation assistant
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It is wise to leave the installation of household appliances to professionals, as it is often cheaper than trying to do it yourself. That applies to your money, time and nerves. By letting experts deal with the installation, you can rest easy knowing that the equipment is installed correctly and is working as it should. Especially good experts will also have a guarantee for their work. Even if one of your household appliances breaks down, it is worth contacting an appropriate expert. The solution and repair are often easier than you think.


The same applies to home technology, which includes all kinds of electronics used in the home – televisions, home theatre systems, music centres, computers, air purifiers, etc. Proper installation and setup is essential for the orderly and long-term operation of all equipment.


Conventional tools are mainly used for the installation, maintenance and repair of household appliances and household technology – screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers, etc.


The prices of home appliances work depend on the volume of work and are determined during negotiations with the master.

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