Special projects and works

Apartment or house renovation. Remodelling including planning, budgeting and compliance. Leave the home remodelling to a Handies project manager.

Special projects and works include repair and construction works that require thorough planning and design and cover, for example, an entire room, a building or part of a building – from sanitary repairs and insulation works to the renovation of an apartment or private house.

  • Apartment renovation
  • Private house renovation
  • Special solution works
  • Insulation work
  • Maintenance repairs
  • Major repairs
  • Other

Handies’ project managers will help you design and carry out special projects and work, find the right people for your work, help with price calculations and more.


Renovating an apartment or a private house is a big undertaking in terms of time and costs. Of course, it depends on how thorough the repairs are. However, there are several important stages in carrying out renovation work, from planning and budgeting to finding builders and arranging waste disposal.


If you are planning to renovate a private house, you must also consider whether, in addition to repairing the interior of the house, it is also necessary to renovate the outside. And if so, whether insulation work should be included in the renovation plan.


Handies project managers helps to organize and carry out major electrical work that requires special projects. The prices of such work depend on the volume of work.

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