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Duuabl Works finds the right team for your home renovation.

Increasingly more companies operating in the construction or renovation market are delegating smaller jobs to contractors. While at the same time pouring most of their energy into large-scale projects. This has resulted in a dearth of small to medium-sized renovators, forcing prices through the roof and leading to long waiting times.

Duuabl Works has solved this problem!

Duuabl app brings together specialists from all over Estonia – from builders and plumbers to interior designers. Holding the cement in place between these bricks in the wall is Duuabl team of first-rate project managers.

The project leads at Duuabl Works take responsibility for the renovation process from start to finish: planning, organisation, management and supervision. They take on complex and time-consuming in-app projects and you can also make a query via Duuabl website.

Duuabl project manager Taavi Välling has quite a few prominent buildings to his name – he oversaw the construction of the North Estonia Medical Centre, the headquarters of Finnish television channel MTV3 and Estonia’s first nearly zero-energy highrise.

Recent Duuabl projects he has worked on include the renovation of an apartment in the port town of Paldiski on the Pakri peninsula. You can find out more about the jobs he has been involved in on the Duuabl blog.

Duuabl project manager Ainar Apse specialises in all things low voltage. His everyday tasks include organising procurements for the purchasing of construction materials, overseeing work and carrying out supervision.

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    Taavi Välling

    Project Manager
    +372 5823 8802


    Ainar Apse

    Project Manager
    +372 5657 9905