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Graphic design is all around us. Good design is striking and memorable. Hire a freelance designer from Handies.

The category of crafts and design is quite wide, offering solutions in the form of a personal fashion designer and sewing service, crochet and knitting services, as well as various computer-based design services such as graphic design, web design, product design, etc. If you want a perfectly fitted coat, socks that feel as if they were made by your grandmother or an online store to sell your own handicrafts, you can find a solution here.

  • Sewing service
  • Crocheting
  • Knitting
  • Other handicrafts
  • Art
  • Graphic Design
  • Website Design
  • Product design
  • Industrial design
  • Fashion design
  • Packaging design
  • Other

Graphic design surrounds us everywhere. Almost everything is under the name of graphic design, from advertising materials, flyers, books to clothes and even fabrics. Graphic design is also used to create logos or product labels, for example. Good design is eye-catching and memorable.


Web design can be considered a sub-category of graphic design. While graphic design is quite broad, the goal of a web designer is specifically to create websites, e-shops and the like. Web design is important because a business’s website is what represents it on the web. It creates a first impression and is an information channel between the company and the customer. And while the content of a website is also important, a number of user surveys show that people often decide to stay on or leave a website based on its design.


Product design can be divided into two – industrial design and digital product design. The first stands for the design of physical objects and products, the second for the design and planning of digital products. In both cases, the design requires an understanding of the consumer, the nature of and demands for the product, and takes into account the relationship between the user, the environment and society. The three stages of the design process are understanding, creating and formalising.


The category of crafts and design is wide and the tools used in these specialties are different. For example, the main tools of packaging designers, web designers and industrial designers are computers and professional software.


Crochet and knitting require two main things – material or yarn, and tools or crochet hooks and needles. The arsenal of sewing service providers is wider, starting with the materials, which are fabric and thread, and ending with tools such as a measuring tape, various needles, and a sewing machine.


Hourly rates for handicrafts and design from 25 €.

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