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It’s a party with Handies! Event planning includes both the venue and entertainment. Event planners will find a compromise between your wishes and wallet.

Planning and thorough organisation of events are essential for their success. A good planner, organiser and team will help you find a suitable party venue, choose and organise entertainment, catering and if necessary, an evening host, photographer and other things. This is where the Handies’ events and entertainment category comes in handy. You can assemble a team for event planning, wedding organisation, catering services, evening hosting and more from the Taskers on this page.

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You do not need much to create a stunningly beautiful party, as less is more. Still, you will need a skilled decorator who can accurately realise the vision of the party organiser and find a balance between their wishes and reality.


Having a beautiful party hall is important but so is having an engaging, likable and humorous host. Like the decorator, the host of the evening captures the wishes of the party organiser, the purpose and nature of the party and, based on the information received, puts together a plan for the evening (or the whole weekend). The host of the evening organises games and entertainment, introduces both performers and speeches, doing their best to make everyone feel good.


People feel good when they have fun. But that alone is not always enough. In order for people to really enjoy themselves, they must also have full bellies. For smaller events, such as birthdays with friends and family or Christmas, it is normal for the hostess to set the table or for it to be set collectively. For larger celebrations, however, it would take a lot of time and work. That is why the next crucial step for organising a party is finding a catering service. Due to increasingly varied diets and eating habits, it may seem that there is no perfect solution, because there will always be someone who does not eat something, but we believe that everything is possible and so is finding the ideal catering provider. Most likely right here, among the Taskers of Handies.


Especially awesome events also have service staff. Wardrobe staff, guides, waiters, bartenders. The most important part of the party’s service staff are, of course, the women or men distributing the welcome drinks and later refilling everyone’s glasses. Whether you need one or two or even twenty helpers for a party, you are probably in the right place.


Organizing events is a larger than usual job, the price of which depends on the volume of work and is agreed during the project.

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