Repair and maintenance of motor vehicles

Tyre changes, body work, auto interior cleaning, all from one platform. Find a mechanic from the Handies app.

Repairing a car is not something everyone can handle themselves. And finding a reasonably priced repair shop can be a headache. To make things easy for you, we have put together all the Taskers involved in the repair and maintenance of motor vehicles in one place. Whether you need a technical inspection, a tire change, diagnostics, body work or just the interior or exterior cleaning of a motor vehicle, you can find a Tasker here!

  • Repairs
  • Tire change and repair
  • Technical inspection
  • Electronics work
  • Diagnostics and adjustment work
  • Axle adjustment
  • Bodywork
  • Paintwork
  • Metalwork
  • Interior cleaning of a motor vehicle
  • Exterior cleaning of a motor vehicle

Various things may indicate the need to regulate the axles; for example, the vibrating of the steering wheel or it tilting to one side. In addition to more comfortable driving, properly adjusted axles help reduce tire wear and fuel consumption.


Car bodywork and paintwork are unavoidable parts of owning a car. It is not uncommon for the door of another car to make a dent in your own when grocery shopping or to find that someone has overestimated their manoeuvring skills. Denting due to slipperiness is also common with our winters. Of course, repairing dented sheet metal is not mandatory and generally does not affect the driving experience, but for the car’s durability, it is wise to have the dents and discoloration removed, as rust is not good for cars.


Repair and maintenance of motor vehicles requires professional knowledge and tools. Lifts, pullers, stands and spot welding machines are just some of them.


The average hourly fee for repair and maintenance of motor vehicles is 35 euros.

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