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Take a picture with Handies! A photographer works with camera, lights and flash bulbs. Professional photographs for weddings, birthdays or office parties.

Works in the category of photography and video include both photography and image processing as well as videography and video processing. In this category you will find Taskers for capturing important events, taking portraits or for capturing a work collective.

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Everyone probably remembers compulsory photo days at school. Although not everyone feels comfortable in front of the camera, everyone was happy about picture day at school, because it meant that they got to skip class. You were especially lucky if that class was mathematics or Russian. First, a class photo was taken, then portrait photos of each student separately, and if things went particularly well, there was also time for friend photos. When the pictures were finally taken, the air was thick with excitement and joy. It felt good, right? Why not repeat it even after school has long finished? What a nice tradition it would be to go to a studio with your family every year or two and get your photos taken. How nice it would be to look at these pictures yourself and show them to your children and grandchildren someday!


In addition to photos of family and friends, it is always nice to see pictures and videos of parties and events. If it happens that the party was so fun that you forgot to take pictures yourself, it is good to have a photographer there to take them for you. And they will probably turn out much better than they would have with a phone. Be it weddings or funerals, birthdays or company parties, if they are professionally captured as photographs or even videos, it will be a lot of fun for the party-goers later (for example, if you do not remember anything about the party yourself, it is good to have at least photos to put the puzzle together) and maybe even for historians in the future.


The main tools of a photographer and videographer are cameras, stabilisers, computers and professional programs, drones, various lighting fixtures and flashes.


Hourly rates for photo and video services from 35 €.

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