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Who hasn’t thought of making a big change and becoming a specialist such as a potter, a locksmith or a beekeeper? Or maybe a chimney sweep or an arborist? But how many have actually done it? Probably not you, but the Taskers you can find in this category have!

  • Blacksmith
  • Carpenter
  • Potter
  • Shoemaker
  • Locksmith
  • Beekeeper
  • Broker
  • Arborist
  • Chef/baker
  • Chimney sweep
  • Construction carpenter
  • Bricklayer
  • Other

Whether you are building a house with a fireplace or renovating an apartment with a central heating stove, finding a high-quality and skilled potter is very important. In this case the expert’s professionalism and experience should be more important than the price. When the stoves and fireplaces are ready, it is important to keep the flues and chimneys clean. A professional chimney sweep can help with that. In order to ensure that the chimney sweep is an actual expert, it is worth checking whether the Tasker is listed in the professional register of chimney sweeps before ordering the work.


You may also need the help of a potter if a tree has fallen on the roof of the house and broken the chimney. Fortunately, such situations can be avoided by enlisting the help of an arborist. They are tree care specialists who know the ins and outs of trees. For example, if an old tree is growing near your house and you are unsure of its stability, it is worth having it examined. If necessary, the arborist will take care of it safely and, in addition to the tree itself, remove the stump as well.


Woodworking has always been part of the Estonian identity and is still part of the basic school curriculum. However, this does not mean that everyone here can call themselves a carpenter. If you dream of rustic wooden garden furniture or if you want a kitchen door decorated with intarsia, it is wise to find a carpenter or joiner with nimble hands, experience and a professional certificate.


Shoemakers have traditionally been craftsmen who make and repair shoes. They work with leather, rubber and wood. And although the role of the shoemaker has changed somewhat due to the mass production of footwear today, they are still very much needed. Of course, it is very easy to throw away shoes as soon as they show any signs of wear and buy new ones. However, this is not great for your wallet or the environment. The most common tasks of a shoemaker are, for example, changing heel plates, changing soles, gluing, sewing or changing zippers. A good shoemaker works wonders with even the most worn shoes. You might not even recognise your old shoes!


The prices of the services of specialist workers depend on the volume of work and are usually set during negotiations.

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