Are you looking for a hard-working expert to help you with small or complex work at home? Do you need help with installing new lamps, putting up shelves or laying a new roof? Or do already have the right skill set yourself and the desire to have an additional income? Are you tired of looking for work and customers or hiring an expensive company every time you need help? No more – work sharing platforms are here to help!

What is Handies?

In order to provide your services correctly in the eyes of law, you have to start your own business or provide them as a sole proprietor. There is no other legal way to do business, with one exception – work sharing platforms.
Handies is the trustworthy and convenient medium, what brings together the work that needs to be done and the people, who want to do it. Handies simplifies the whole process and even does most of the necessary paperwork for you.

Work as a company or via Handies platform?

Handies allows you to provide your services both as an individual and as a company. Joining is simple and affordable for everyone – no start-up capital, no marketing budget and no website is required. You can start working right away.
Most importantly, customers find the Taskers themselves – all you need is a good profile, what shows your experiences and skills. No need to advertise on social media, set up Google ads or manage your own website. All contracts and invoices are automatically included with each job started, and when you provide your services as a company, you only need to forward them to your accountant.


Let’s talk money!

Most of the Taskers on the Handies platform are individuals or one-man companies. This means that all the revenue goes directly to the service provider. No hidden costs, no labor costs and no office rental expenses.

See, how 100€ is distributed, when the work is done by a company and when it`s handled by a Handies Tasker.


Handies Tasker