Who are the people behind Handies? First up is Piret, who joined the team last fall.

Piret works as a Community Manager. In her role, she works on process development, connects Taskers with the right assignments and makes sure no task is left undone on Handies platform. Read about her thoughts on the team and workshare as a concept.

Why did you choose to work at Handies?

I was looking for a company that would match my own personal values. After meeting Handies team and hearing about the vision of the company, I knew it was the right place for me. People at Handies are super cool and inspiring – one can say they are visionaries. Everyone’s opinion is important and actually taken into account.

How would you describe Handies work culture?

It`s caring, inspiring and fast growing. In my opinion the best part of Handies work culture is knowing the value of my contribution and the opportunity to grow.

Everyone knows where they need to go and how to get there. Intent, trust and responsibility – have taken on a new meaning in Handies. I really enjoy our brainstorming sessions and meeting new Taskers.

Why did you pick this sector to work in?

The idea of changing behavioral habits is fascinating. We are surrounded by overconsumption, wasting time and nerves, while the right help and skillset are just a click away.

The concept of buying expensive tools every time you need to repair or improve something at home – doesn`t sound sustainable. Not to mention the quality of the work – most of us fix problems in a way, where it needs to be redone later. At the same time we have hundreds or even thousands of competent professionals in their field, who can and want to help. Finding them before meant googling, taking inquiries or asking a friend for a favor. While we can order food or a taxi with a push of a button, it only makes sense to find the expertise you need – with the same ease. That’s Handies!

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