Who are the people behind Duuabl (former Handies)? Next up is our newest member Annika, who took over as Duuabl Community Manager. In her role, she connects Taskers with the right assignments and makes sure no task is left undone on the Duuabl platform. Read about her thoughts of task sharing and Duuabl.

Why did you decide to join Duuabl?

For me, working at Duuabl is a whole new career path. Having mainly experience in marketing, product development, sales and even software development, Duuabl is something new.

I love Duuabl’s concept and its potential, the teamspirit and the work culture around it. Duuabl has a horizontal, free and active atmosphere. The work culture is created by people and everyone actually has an opportunity to speak their mind.

The secret to a successful team is communication, cooperation and the willingness to conquer the next big step. Supporting and noticing each other. There is no place for indifference, but at the same time, there is always room for some fun.

I learn something new every day

The role of Community Manager gives me the opportunity to grow and develop in my work and personal life.

There is no place for throat cutters, who only care about the profit and the speed, it’s achieved in. Instead, the team thrives to have an impact and to make task sharing a norm.

Thanks to Duuabl, I can help Taskers apply their skills and bring them together with new customers. Knowing that I have made something better or easier, inspires me to work even harder.

Take responsibility for your well-being

I wish people took more responsibility for their well-being at work. To be independent and in control of their own progress. I believe that when you do what you love and if you do it in a place where you are valued, it is the right spot for you.

I look  forward to being involved in the Duuabl Community: to increase the well-being of Duuabl Tasker exciting training programs and a new reward system. Duuabl is changing the world of task sharing.