It’s time to introduce the star of Handies development team! Kerli Tootsmann is a passionate Full Stack Developer. Having originally planned to become a tester, her career took her to software development. Her strong interest in testing and QA, gives her the qualities of a fantastic engineer.

Why have you picked this sector to work in?

When choosing a university, the IT curriculum was the one that actually excited and interested me the most. Although, I didn`t have any previous knowledge in the field, I was confident in my choice. By now, I can say that it was also the right decision, because it`s still exciting.

How would you describe the work culture in Handies?

Handies’ work culture offers a lot of independence and freedom. It`s very motivating and encouraging. The team strives to do the best they know. I really like how everyone’s opinions and ideas are always welcome and our meetings are full of exciting thoughts and discussions. Not to mention our fun work environment and inspiring team, that make work feel like play.

The key to a successful team is definitely hard-working and positive people who also enjoy their work.

Tell us your craziest or funniest Handies story so far.

Working remotely, can bring some (weird) obstacles. For example, few years ago my cat Ruudi decided to come inside the house and show me the mouse, she caught. Sadly, just minutes before the meeting, she also lost it. The situation forced me to stand on a chair, away from the potential encounter with the notorius mouse, until the end of the meeting.

Kerli Handies

How do you divide your time between work and me-time?

This is something I’m trying to improve on. After the end of a workday, I only open my computer in case of an emergency. I definitely work out, as moving helps to get distracted from work and also vice versa, helps to come up with new ideas.

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