Who are the people behind Handies? Next up is Handies Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Kaspar Triebstok.

When and why did you decide to join Handies?

Joined Handies in 2016 when we had just started with the idea and conception. I saw a potential in the fast moving gig economy market and was keen on learning more about it. Aare was very passionate about the idea and had a clear vision, how Handies should be built.

Back then, jumping head first and building a product just to see where it would go, was very normal for me. Although we have made a lot of changes, the core concept to help people become the master of their own time and money has remained the same.

How would you describe the work culture in Handies?

Handies is built by free people to free people. Free in every sense of the word. Free from bureaucracy, all ideas are welcomed and considered. Free from time, you work in your own time, achievements matter the most. Free from hierarchy, we are a flat structure. Free from bullshit, if you don’t like something, change it and the team is here to back you. Most importantly our culture is built for growth.

Why have you picked this sector to work in?

I have been in engineering for my entire career. Combining this with product and business has always been my goal and Handies allows to do exactly that. Technology aside, helping people be independent and take control of their lives through enabling people to offer well paid and respected work to others without middleman is good for everyone.

What are the key elements in building a successful team?

This is often overused, but transparency and no-bullshit attitude can come a long way. Not using business and corporate jargon, removing bureaucracy and self harming processes, and not allowing politics to enter the office is key to having a healthy work environment. This tends to bring results also.

How do you divide your time between work and me-time?

My work-life balance is horrible. I did have a goal to take it down a notch this year but looking at our plans I’m not sure this will happen any time soon. Working on mental health and learning self-development helps to achieve more and lowering the chances of burning out.

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