Who are the people behind Handies? For our next interview, we asked some questions from our newest team member Ali Adil. Ali has been actively working within sales, business development and entrepreneurship for the last 14 years.

In his new role, as Head of Growth, he sits at the intersection of marketing and product development. His main focus is on product and market growth and he has a huge role in overall operations.

We also did some digging and we found out his two favourite Estonian words are armastus (it really sounds and feels like „love“) and tee* (as it has so many meanings and so many contexts). * translates to road/tea/do. Source: InYourPocket.

What does the work culture at Handies look like?

I joined Handies just a few weeks ago and I already feel like I’m part of the family. Family of individuals who drive to give something back to the community. I believe that just from that willpower, Handies will change the way we tackle everyday problems.

I believe the key element in building a successful team hides behind the wellbeing of its members. Every teammate must feel part of the team and feel like they are heard, valued and loved.

Handies family is blessed with people who are driven by love, compassion and desire to help the community. Everyone in the team has the same respect and value. We just have fun while working and to be honest, it doesn’t feel like work at all.

My favorite part of the day includes brainstorming for app growth. I love technology and I have been part of startup ecosystem for a long time. It is what my DNA is made of.

Where to you see Handies in a year or two? 

I see Handies as a leading service app that changes the way our everyday tasks get done. A grandmother who needs an electrician, a mother of two who needs a cleaner or a single IT guy, who needs someone to put together his furniture.

Handies will be able to help with home renovation, starting with cleaning services to plumbing, lock experts to electricians, landscape designers to movers. I believe that every sush service will be done by a Handies Tasker in few years. Help is just one click away.

How do you divide your time between work and me-time?

I’m very strict with work and personal time. Once the workday is finished, I focus all my attention on my family. They are my source of energy and motivation.