Duuabl is a task sharing platform that brings qualified specialist to your fingertips. The story of Duuabl (former Handies) began when Aare Sule, the co-founder of Duuabl, realised how much time and effort goes into finding a handyman. It seemed like the industry was built on long waiting times, high prices, poor customer experience and underpaid professionals.

There are now over 2000 specialist, or as we love to call them, Taskers, on Duuabl platform. Plumbers, electricians, repairmen, cleaning specialists are all providing their services across the country.

Platform work is the new reality

According to the Foresight Centre, around 7% (56 000 people) of Estonians are already providing their services via some platform at least once a week. At the same time the industry is facing insufficient social protection, intense workload and low incomes.

We aim to change that. Our goal is to create a dream workplace where social security and a support system meets flexibility and fair pay. When starting out as a Tasker at Duuabl you can set your own hourly rate, regardless of demand, time or location. Not to mention other awesome benefits which will be launched soon.

Taskers also have a huge part in product development. Whether it’s an administrative concern like registering as a company or reducing the license fee for more active Taskers – our role is to get the feedback and act on it. For example, we are just starting out with our first bigger construction and reconstruction projects where the Taskers, too, will have a big role to play. While the project is led by a Duuabl project manager, all the heavy lifting will be done by our Taskes.

Who is a Duuabl Tasker?

Finding a competent professional can be difficult. Construction companies often prefer bigger projects and thus small jobs, such as renovating a single room or building a terrace don’t get done. In some cases social media may help in finfing a handyman but you could as well end up with someone incompetent or unqualified.

Duuabl Tasker is honest, skillful and strong-minded. Every Tasker has brought out their strongest skills, previous work experience and desired hourly rate. You can also find reviews from other users and how much work the Tasker has done at Duuabl. That makes finding the perfect Taskers quick, convenient and transparent from start to finish.

How does Duuabl work?

The system works with two apps – one for users (Duuabl) to find help and the other for Taskers (Duuabl Tasker), who are willing to lend a helping hand.

To become a Duuabl Tasker, download the Duuabl Tasker app from Google Play or App Store and set up your profile. But be warned, we also like to meet our Taskers face to face to get to know each other and give some advice on how to get the best out of Duuabl. You can also schedule a meeting with our Community Manager.

To get help with your tasks, just download Duuabl app from Google Play or App Store and get access to over 2000 specialist in Estonia. To narrow down the search you can filter Taskers based on location or by the task at hand.

If you have trouble choosing the Tasker you can always post the task description on the app wall. That way all the Taskers who have the required skillset and the opportunity to help you out, will be notified. Keep in mind that the more information you give about the task the better, and if at all possible, add some photos. For as they say – a picture is worth a 1000 words.