The tech industry is always one step ahead when it comes to innovation. The barriers that can restrain larger companies are often nonexistent, meaning individuals can exploit new ideas. Startups are also a potential remedy for the gender imbalance in the IT industry, handing control over to women who want to make their own mark.

Over the past years, several initiatives have been launched to encourage girls and women in Estonia to be a part of the information and communication technology field. At the same time, according to Startup Estonia, 37% of all employees and according to Eurostat, only 22,6% of tech specialists in Estonia are women.

Source: Startup Estonia, written by Signe Reinumägi

“Right now, our lives are being influenced and transformed by robotics, algorithms and AI. When talking about women’s empowerment, we should act fast because we need new kind of empowerment,” said President Kaljulaid during the meeting, at the Munich Security Conference in Germany.

“In Estonia, we are dealing with issues of how to empower, support and educate girls in learning to use technology already from a very young age, so programming would be as ordinary for them as riding a bicycle.“

That is why we need to celebrate the women at Duuabl


Kerli Tootsmann is a passionate Full Stack Developer. Having originally planned to become a tester, her career took her to software development. Her strong interest in testing and QA, gives her the qualities of a fantastic engineer.

„When choosing a university, the IT curriculum was the one that actually excited and interested me the most. Although I didn’t have any previous knowledge in the field, I was confident in my choice. By now, I can say that it was also the right decision, because it`s still exciting.“


Annika Orusalu is the face of Duuabl. As a Community Manager, she is responsible for managing  and handling communications with users, Taskers and the team. She connects Taskers with the right assignments and makes sure no task is left undone.

„For me, working at Duuabl is a whole new career path. Having mainly experience in marketing, product development, sales and even software development, Duuabl is something new.“


Britmarii Kroon-Kesa is the voice of Duuabl. Through marketing and product development, she has brought user experience and communication to a new level. Her interest in digital product design will also take a new turn in September, as she starts her studies in Estonian Academy of Arts.

„Duuabl has brought a lot of new challenges to the table. Skills like time management, copywriting and product development, have passed a crash course here. I also find a lot of pride in the fact, that we are a small team, but get most of the work done in-house.“

Kerli Tootsmann, Annika Orusalu, Britmarii Kroon-Kesa and Heston