Who are the people behind Duuabl? Next up is the CEO of Duuabl Tavi Maastik, who joined the team in 2020. Read how Tavi found his way to Duuabl and what additions have been made during that time.

Why did you choose to work at Duuabl?

I was fascinated by the challenge – it was clear to me that workshare service was necessary, but at the same time there were no working solutions on the market. Initially, I was called up to help launch the app in two months. Almost two years have passed and now we face totally new challenges at Duuabl.

Together with Meta Advisory, the first launch of the applications was a success. In addition to a lot of attention, we got new users to the platform and very useful feedback. It also brought up a lot of new problems, as the product still needed to be improved. Our next stage will focus on developing Duuabl Tasker loyalty system and improving user experience.

What role does Duuabl play in society?

Duuabl creates new social values. Both, Duuabl and Duuabl Tasker applications are constantly evolving and changing according to the users needs.

We also noticed that business client tasks were getting more complex and time-consuming. To solve this problem, we introduced Duuabl Works, which is led by two project managers Taavi Välling and Ainar Apse. They are the ones who take care of the planning and implementation of complex inquiry and in-app projects .

How would you describe Duuabl work culture?

We learn every day – about the product, the market, the team and the processes.

Duuabl team is daring and multitalented. I believe that positive attitude will lead Duuabl on a long and exciting journey.

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